Yes, we’ve heard that one before. If only there were mirrors. Here’s the thing: We want you to feel how it is to squat properly, we want your body awareness to grow. But if you always rely on a mirror, how are you going to do when your buddy asks you to help you move a fridge from the basement? Are you going to go get a mirror so you can guarantee that your spine is straight?

Also, on mirrors: We are here to work out, not to check out other people working out. Enough said.

That’s not our focus. I don’t want to invest in anything that is going to take your mind off of the workout you’re doing. This is time for you. You’re dedicating an hour for your fitness. Be here, be present. Feel your body be uncomfortable, and embrace that. Allow yourself to be pushed and allow yourself to grow. And enjoy that time, because that is time cut out just for you.

This is a bunch of malarkey.  Seriously. We hear this from lots of women, so here’s the scoop on “girls looking like a man.”  It rarely happens in nature, because women have far less testosterone in their bodies than men do.  So unless you have a rare genetic condition, you as a woman cannot build big, burly muscles like a man without the help of steroids.

That said, often people are concerned about getting “bigger.”  If you start to work out, you will build muscles and those muscles will become more visible.  If you happen to have a layer of fat over top of those muscles, you will give the appearance of becoming bigger.

So here’s what we have to say about it.  So what?  You are able to do more stuff, feel better, move better through the day.  Here are a couple of great articles on the subject: