Success Stories

Tori Forst

I have always been an active child growing up, playing all sorts of competitive and school sports. I always enjoyed fitness and working out, but I never really got interested in it because I was too busy playing sports, and I would get bored of it easily. I had heard of CrossFit online and thought it was extremely cool, but never ever did more than that until Jon and Jaq opened up a gym.

I began two years ago, as a 15 year old, and my life has changed. I always thought that “girls can’t lift weights or be bulky” and now I totally disagree with that. I have fallen in love with the idea of doing lots of reps and especially lifting heavy weights. CrossFit and the coaches I train under have helped me round out as a teenager. I always have someone pushing me to be my best, and they encourage me in every aspect of life, not just in the gym. This has helped my personal confidence and has made me feel comfortable trying new things and doing what people don’t perceive as “cool” or “normal”.

I love CrossFit and the family we have formed as a gym. No one finishes alone and we are all each other’s biggest fans.


Joyce Karau

Why do I CrossFit … my daughter Liz CrossFits and she loves it.  She says, “mommy you should join, it will be good for you”.  Her husband Lance says, “come on Joyce, you should give it a try”.  Seriously, I really didn’t know what CrossFit was; they talked about PRs, and lifting, and friends and everyone’s accomplishments in the gym.  I told them I would think about it.

I searched the Internet, consulted with experts, did lots of research and asked oodles of questions.  Why so much research?  I suffer from chronic pain, have degenerating discs and did not want to make things worse.  I decided that I would try for one month.  After my first night of CrossFit, September 2014, I wondered what the heck I’d gotten myself into!!  I felt like the senior citizen in the class and I thought I would never make it through the workout. I quickly changed my one-month plan to a two-week plan!  If I survived two weeks, then I’d try two more, and then I would reassess.

I’m still going strong and am happy to declare I AM A CROSS FITTER.  I love the support of my CrossFit family and the friendships that have developed.  I love that I arrive at the gym and the workout is posted.  I love that there is always a coach leading the class, and often, other coaches are participating in the class.  I love that the workouts are scaled to each person’s ability, and it’s not a big deal.  I love that I arrive at class with a smile, and leave feeling successful, confident, and with a smile.  And most significantly, I love that I am now pain free.