Membership Packages

Am I a…?
Jedi Starter
Jedi Master
Jedi Apprentice
Sith Lord
What do I pay? $150 / month (3 month package) $150 / month $126 / month $75 / month
How many classes does that give me? 3 classes / week Unlimited 2 classes / week 1 class / week
How much is that per class? $12.50 / class BEST VALUE $15.75 / class $18.75 / class

All prices exclude GST.



Everyone is a Jedi Knight;some just don’t know it yet. If you are starting CrossFit for the first time, this is where you begin to learn the ways of the Force.  This membership entitles you to 3 coached workouts per week including foundational classes.  Open gym times are for more developed Jedi but after your 3 months, you can decide how intensely you wish to explore the Force.


The Jedi Master requires constant training to hone their skills.  They choose to surround themselves in a positive environment dedicated to becoming stronger, faster and better. Jedi Masters have no limit to their powers, and no limits to their class attendance or open gyms.


The Jedi Apprentice has completed the Starter package and is working on personal development, working on developing a better handle on their skills, while maintaining a healthy Jedi / home life balance.  The Jedi Apprentice is entitled to attend two classes per week with any combination of open gym times to coached classes.


You’re busy, and we get that.  World domination cannot be easy.  But training is still important.  This membership will allow you to supplement your “other training” nicely, allowing you gym time once per week, freeing up your spare time for your, um, err, other activities…

Family Rates & Special Rates

PADAWAN CLASS (Ages 10-18)

Up to 4 classes per week plus Lifting Club for $116 per month ($7.25 per class)

Add a second sibling for $80 per month and a third for $60 per month!

The future of Esterhazy, this class is for you.  This is where we teach you foundational movements.  The Padawans jump, get upside down and prepare themselves to move really well, and when the move perfectly, we reward them with weight!  Ages 10 +

SKYWALKER & SOLO – Unlimited Couples Membership

$250 per month

You’re full of passion for each other, and you want to learn the ways of the force together!  High five; those who train together, stay together!  This membership is only for the Jedi Master package.


2 Jedi + 1 Padawan@ $300 per month; 2 Jedi + 2 or more Padawans@ $330 per month

Running a Jedi Family is tough (just ask Han Solo), keeping active is super important!  Once again, this membership is unlimited, and the prices decrease with every family member once Mom and Dad are signed up.  (Immediate family only)


$110 per month

We try to keep the membership rates funny and lively.  But this one is serious because we are serious about this membership.  If you are a nurse, a doctor, a firefighter, a police officer, an EMT, CCA, or served in the military, your unlimited access membership is cheaper than everyone’s because you deal with things we don’t on a regular basis.  If this helps you deal with your stress, we are glad to help.  Thank you for all that you do.



10% Sign up for a 6 month contract and get 10% off!
(Only on Jedi Master or equivalent programs)
20% Sign up for a 1 year contract and get 20% off!
(Only on Jedi Master or equivalent programs)
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