img_2536This building was built with our children’s children in mind. We did everything possible to create a building with a minimal reduced carbon footprint.

The 7,800 square foot building is made with Insulated Concrete forms. That means the exterior walls are concrete with two layers of 2 ⅝” thick insulation on each side. This makes for an extremely economical building to heat and keep cool. The carbon reduction on this building compared to building it out of steel or wood is approximately 66%.

The EnviroFit Building is going to use Solar Power. This building will give back power into the SaskPower Grid. This means that no coal needed to be burnt in order to run our building.

The EnviroFit Building has been built up high out of the ground because we never want the Esterhazy Energizers Gymnastics floor to flood (as it would wreck thousands of dollars of equipment!). We needed to build up the slab, so we moved over 1000 tonnes of recycled concrete underneath the building. We also used close to 1000 cubic yards of a flowable fill product that flowed into place and turned just hard enough to reach compaction.

Concrete is made by using Portland cement. Portland cement is made by blowing ore out of a mountain, crushing it, and then heating it up in a kiln to about 900° Celsius. The product is then ground and prepared for shipping. This process of making cement has a substantial carbon footprint: especially in order to heat the kiln, it takes either coal or natural gas.

We chose to replace 40% of the Portland cement in the EnviroFit building with flyash (an industrial byproduct of burning coal at electrical power plants). Using a supplementary cementing material helped us save 60 tonnes of igneous (mountain) rock.