So you’ve decided to check out our site. Welcome! Let’s start with your surroundings:

img_2565Our gym is different. In our gym you will see gymnastics rings, tires, barbells, climbing ropes, skipping ropes, medicine balls, squat racks, pull up bars and so on. We focus on functional movements, the movements that are a part of everyday life – like squatting, deadlifting, pressing, throwing, running, jumping. If it isn’t simple, functional and effective…you won’t find it in our gym!

We get you moving closer to proper movement patterns through increased range of motion and thus decrease your chance for injury. By strengthening ligaments and fascia you create longevity in your joints and tissues. If you are nursing an injury, then we will work the other, well-functioning parts of your body, and help mobilize your injuries. You will always be given something that you can do and that will be focusing on your fitness needs and goals.

So please stop in to take a look around our CrossFit Box. Look at the back wall, where our slogan hangs: “CHALLENGE AND ENCOURAGE.” That says it all.

photo-2016-09-07-6-40-39-pmYou’ll see our coaches working with people, helping them strive to move impeccably well. Our coaches encourage our athletes to move better and to push through workouts, especially when the workout gets tough (which is often). We believe in our athletes’ ability to perform. We will equip you with just about everything you need to succeed. Our focus is on helping you feel better. We don’t yell at you, we encourage you. We focus on what you can do, and help you grow beyond what you think are your limitations.

CrossFit is for everyone, from Olympic athletes to grandmothers and grandfathers. Along with your fitness journey, we focus on your posture and your mobility. If we can get you moving better, we can get you feeling better. We want to set you up for life, we want to help you live to your fullest capability.